Miquel Iglesias
Licensed Instructer

Welcome to the Delta Firearms web site. Here you will find information on how to learn the responsible, safe and effective use of weapons, develop a defensive mindset, and improve on your situational awareness.

Every Year 71,000 Home Invasions 98,000 Sexual Assaults 16,000 Murders DON'T BE A STATISTIC AVERAGE POLICE RESPONSE TIME IS 13 MINUTES! DEFEND YOURSELF


Delta Firearms will mentally prepare you for avoiding most dangerous confrontations. You will learn the meaning of creating your own Defensive Mindset, and being Situational Aware. In the event that the confrontation cannot be avoided; we will mentally prepare you on how you will need to think and behave before, during, and after the event.


Let Delta Firearms train you on the proper technique and use of self defense weapons. Become an effective, accurate, and safe citizen..


So you've been forced to defend yourself or a family member, what's next? What do I do right after the incident? What do I say? What don't I say? ?


Delta Firearms is the leading firearms and preparedness training Service Company. Our success is founded upon a commitment to high quality training. We exceed the basic guidelines established by the Florida Department of Licensing. We maintain a high standard of ethics and a genuine care for our customers. Our trainers are highly skilled professionals experienced in law enforcement, private security, firearms and first aid.

We help you succeed!